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Chair Band & Saches


These Chair Band & Saches are manufactured from high quality special stretchy and sturdy spandex material(90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex). Each elastic belt comes with a sliding round synthetic buckle. The buckle ring is made with stitching hemming Wedding Decor Surrey. We have a large variety of tones for your chair sash needs. These Chair Band & Saches Satin items are among the popular items of our clients. These silky, glossy, and unique bands turn mild chairs into fascinating seats for specific guests and Wedding Decor Vancouver.

Our Chair Band & Saches slipcovers bows are perfect for coloring promotion, birthday, wedding, banquet, engagement, and other events Indian Wedding decor design for your party folding chairs. The elastic bow doesn’t require to tie the bowknot, simply pull over the chair cover. Easy to put on and exclude. Approves hand washing. Do non-bleach. Neverdryer. No need for mangling.