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Champagne Valveteen Table Cloth


Bring practical elegance to all your usual covers with the Champagne Valveteen Table Cloth. Featuring a mixture of bright colors across the rainbow spectrum, our line of premium tablecloths offers chic, affordable flair for every holiday party or dinner. For all your anniversary, holiday, wedding, and Sunday supper get-togethers depend on Champagne Valveteen Table Cloth for beautiful design and superb functionality.

Compose the majority of buffet and dining room tables with a well circular cover. Whether indoors or outdoors, dress up your folding tables for a dash of beautiful style. Indian Wedding decor Strong fabric material repels liquid, launders in the laundry machine, and prevails wrinkle- free for many years to come.

Choose from traditional Wedding Decor Vancouver muted designs in beige, ivory, white, and black, or go bold with a lively red, royal blue, purple, and more. Champagne Valveteen Table Cloth practices in popular wedding cast to match any motif.