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Chiavari Chairs (Gold)


Chiavari chairs have become a classic in the event industry and are also very popular in high profile entertainment venues. And here, our Chiavari Chairs (Gold) is ideal for weddings, whether lavish or simplistic, due to their beautiful frame design and how well they photograph. It will make sure everyone has beautiful seating for your next event, including the little ones. This classically styled Chiavari chair will add elegance to your fine dining establishment. Chiavari chairs demonstrate warmth and can be used as-is around banquet tables or in rows at outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Embellish by adding white or colorful chair covers to match your event colors and seal with a sash. Place these dining chairs around your kitchen or dining room table for an opulent seating arrangement. A lightweight wooden frame with strong rods comes fully assembled. The Mahogany Wood Chiavari Chair is ideal for unions, banquets, and special events, from easygoing to the most elegant.

With its durable, lightweight frame and elegant styling, this Chiavari chair will be the prime seat choice for all of your special cases, Wedding Decor Vancouver, whether inside or outside. Constructed of high-quality wood with a gold shine, this chair is very lightweight, yet remarkably strong and wobble-free. The frame has bolstered stress points that give it the faculty to hold up to 1100 pounds. Steel flat outlet cap screw and nut ensure stability, and special 45° joints on the rear of the front seat section raise the chair's stability. These beautiful chairs ship fully united and can, be stacked 10 high for the room.