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Geometric Terrarium


Eye-catching style terrarium for your potted flowers, Easy-to-access opportunity for placing items inside, Wedding Decor Surrey beautiful from every angle with a coupled door. This plant terrarium is produced of ultra-clear sodium calcium glass and emphasizing a sturdy copper frame. A beautifying geometric terrarium for your favorite small Cactaceae, plants, or cactus. Transform it into your own long-lasting indoor enclosure or show off your creativity by using this geometric terrarium as a tea light or votive rushlight holder. 

The Feller Geometric Terrarium, Indoor Outdoor Decoration Glass Succulent Planter Box. Excelling planter pot for drought-tolerant plants like cacti, Indian Wedding decor, air plants, and houseleeks to moss and fern with easy preservation. Ideal for adding visual interest, enjoyable glass terrarium as a home and garden ornamentation.