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Hanging Terrarium


Whether you are planning a modern or traditional event, decorations using florals and greenery are a wedding must-have. While classic centerpieces, garlands, and hanging installations all have breathtaking and beautiful results, there's a smaller, more unexpected way to incorporate flowers and foliage, or tea lights into your big day. Guess what? It's terrariums. So you must invest your time and grab our new Hanging Terrarium,

You can fill them with your favorite fresh, faux, or dried blooms, lush greenery such as moss and ferns, or even place mini cacti, or succulents inside. Moreover, using them as tea lights on stage or centerpiece will add an extra layer of beauty to your wedding decoration. These glass decoration tealight holders come with a small hook at the top so you can hang them from anywhere for your event decor. The bottom of the globe is flat, allowing you to place these as tabletop plants or any other flat surface.