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How To Plan An Indian Wedding In Kelowna

Till this point, you must have been thinking that planning a modern Indian wedding can be a challenge. After all, it involves people like your better half along with the guests. Taking everything together, things can make a huge difference unless there is proper planning and adequate teamwork.

Assigning the correct roles and responsibilities right from the start is essential if you are looking to have a smooth transit from the start till the end. Thankfully, there are now systems in place and a few destinations that can help make things a lot easier than one can anticipate. One such destination is Kelowna that is fast becoming popular among all, especially Punjabis.

At Kelowna, all necessary systems are in place to efficiently accommodate all sorts of mandatory roles and responsibilities for a wedding event, including an Indian one. Be assured that if you are looking at a modern wedding, tools like spreadsheets, planning applications, and mobile apps are the essentials that can help you get through. It would also help to save valuable time and money.

Here are a few things that can easily be arranged for a modern Indian wedding in Kelowna:

Joint Tasks

The joint tasks are going to be relatively straightforward. However, the critical part is planning since it requires a lot of scheduling and, if needed, rescheduling as well. In some cases, the cor-ordination of time extends well beyond 2 - 3 months. It is when both the bride and the groom must impress each other and make love between the two stronger.

The top priority would be the budget, especially when it comes to Indian wedding decor Kelowna. It is followed by the wedding date, the venue, and the preferred style.

Here are a few things that you need to take care of in a modern wedding:

  1. Discussing with parents.
  2. Marriage paperwork.
  3. Finalizing the guest list and invitation.
  4. Shopping (Most important is the wedding ring).
  5. Decor / Floral Arrangements.
  6. Entertainment options.
  7. Videography / Photography arrangements.
  8. Wedding cake and food menu.
  9. Honeymoon.
  10. Transport and Accommodation.
  11. Thanksgiving gifts.


Since it would be a blushing time for the bride, it must be ensured that her role and involvement are as minimal as possible. The most important would be the bridal trousseau. It may take more time than usually expected to finalize the perfect outfit and jewelry. You may even consider asking your partner whether he would like to share his opinion. You also need to think of the bridesmaids in case you are looking to include them. And, of course, there is facial, manicure, pedicure, spa, and other make-up.


It must be noted that the contemporary groom is far more style savvy than ever. Grooms are no longer just grooms; rather, they are concerned about all the details involving a wedding. Gone is the time when a wedding was just about brides. Grooms, these days, have considerable swagger. As a result, the watch, the brand of the shoe, and the kind of reception are carefully evaluated.

There is no limit to how many people you may involve in a wedding and whether you opt to keep groomsmen and bridesmaids or not. It is better to share your preference and decide in advance so that you get the best available.