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Gold Ornate Charger Plate


Decorative Gold Ornate Charger Plate a beautiful focal feature for any place setting. An excellent choice for hearth provisioned agents, eateries & other known uses. Resilient piece, resists fading along with other damage for many years of reliable use. Charger plate design is excellent for indoor-outdoor events. No complicated care, cleaning, or upkeep. With an ornate design and color, this charger plate makes the ideal addition to fanciful settings. Use it at traditional affairs for an intricate addition or give your trendy dinners an unexpected edge.

This elegant embossed globe gold charger plate features a unique royal antique gold finish. Created gives the idea of complicated, classy furniture, gold resin horse plate round charger, looks stunning when paired with white dinnerware. Just clean service plates flush warm water & mild soap air dry. Perfect for upscale restaurants and catering events, Wedding Decor Surrey's elegant charger plate is a must-have classic.