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Walnut Charger Plate


It utterly changes up your table decor, bringing a fresh take on natural. Pair with rustic style dinnerware. These plates are great for home decors. You can give these out as gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, anniversary gifts, and many occasions. These unique walnut chargers are suitable for weddings, birthday parties.

This walnut charger plate design only for presentation decorative purposes, but not designed for direct food contact. This wood-look design and wood grain finish thick, strong, and durable design. It is perfect for caterers, party rooms, the hospitality industry, weddings, event planners. Safely store and reuse available bulk quantity Spot-clean. The wood-look design on walnut charger plate is not suitable for food use. This walnut charger plate is ideal for enhancing the beauty of a party table, an office table, or a dining table.