We specialise in beautiful styling and decoration for weddings and events. Every couple and wedding are unique so we provide a customised service to suit your style, colour and budget.

From elegant chair decor to eye catching ceiling arrangements and lots more, we have an extensive hire range to create something magical for your special day.

We guarantee you perfect wedding decor just as you wish!


The crux of the event is crafted by our most experienced designers who input golden choices from the bride and the groom. The theme of the wedding sets the tone of the other forces. so you can trust us for perfect and authentic royal wedding decor.


We transform the wedding venue to a paradise on earth with the use of the choicest flowers and color breaks. We source the choicest blooms from across the world. From the exotic Indian genda for Mehandi to the Victorian rose for an exotic twist, we provide the very best flower decoration in marriage with exquisite table tops and elaborate bridal bouquets which convey the essence of holy matrimony.



As they say, lights can make or break a theme. We strongly emphasize on the amount of ambient light required, the colors to be splashed, the highlighters and the shadows to the utmost theme come alive. It is only an act of developing a romantic, rustic, modern, classic or edgy theme clubbed with the choicest lighting among LED’s, string of bulbs, gobos, pin spots or color wash.


The backbone of the theme of the function is defined by the furniture that is placed which includes the chairs, tables, dining, sittings and sofas. These foremost elements form the basis and the wireframe of the theme. The choice and their positioning conveys a lot about the design language of the event. Our designers have the unmatchable experience in dwelling the furniture in the event.


The more, the merrier, the grand, the grandiose, such is what royal chandeliers can add to the event. The floral bunches and hangings coupled with crystal wires can melt the most hardest hearts. Our elite chandelier arrangements make add the royal and touch of luxury to the events.


These are value additions that complement in the furniture, these elements enhance the overall ambience of the event. Props as décor elements that act as fillers or view cutters go very well suited to craft stunning decors which will definitely add a joyful twist to the occasion.

IT’S EASY AS 1,2,3

How It Works

The entire planning process of your Sikh Wedding Ceremony is simple and concise. As professional Sikh decorators, we collaborate with esteemed Sikh wedding decoration teams working out the finer details required to make your Anand Karaj impeccable.


Discuss your wedding with our planners

Initial Consultation

Includes: free consultation and budget definition

Please fill out the online form on our contact us page for a free quote. Our booking manager will respond punctually with availability, rates, and a quote based on your ceremony location. Travel fees and travel time are included in the quote.


Choose the venue of your wedding ceremony

Selecting the date and location

Includes: picking a restaurant/hotel or any other venue

The second step of wedding planning implies selecting the date of your future wedding ceremony and its location as well as the place where the wedding dinner will happen. We have a various catalog of restaurants and hotels ready to help you.


Select the options of your wedding

Agree on Terms

Upon receiving the quote if you wish to book our services, you will need to respond with your package choice. Deposit info and agreement terms are sent for you to sign. When both are received your booking is confirmed.


Final step to your happiness

Confirm All Details & Get Married

Includes: final wedding plan overview

Finally, it’s time for getting ready to the best part of the whole event - getting married. But still, before it happens we recommend to check every vendor, service, and additional option you picked to make sure everything will go the way you want it to be.