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White Velvet Drape Panel


Designed to bring casual elegance to any living space with this White Velvet Drape Panel stunning velvet drape panel. Each gorgeous solid-color sheer panel gently filters light while creating a great atmosphere for any room in your home. It is a beautiful Wedding Decor Surrey white velvet drape panel.
These panels are perfectly lined and have a weighted hem to hold these panels heavy together. These beautiful panels are perfect to beautify any window setting. This velvet pleat heavyweight window drape panels bring a luxurious look and feel to any room. Our velvet panel has unparalleled sheen and softness.

The overall look of this drape Indian Wedding Decor is augmented by its luxurious hand feel and rich color. Our velvet drape panel comes with a subtle sheen in over vibrant, modern colors. These velvet panels can be used for any type of event.