Top 5 Indian Wedding Theme

When it comes to Indian weddings, so many things come to our mind, like the use of vibrant colours, band baaja baaraat, sangeet, Mehendi, vidai, and various other things. However, wedding planners have now come up with various Indian wedding decor ideas to make it a perfect wedding for every bride's checklist. Wedding is an essential element and said to be auspicious for Indian marriage. Therefore, Indian marriage or wedding involves various rituals and customs to be followed during the pre and post wedding ceremony. From wedding outfits to wedding decor, everything goes hand-in-hand through the entire wedding ceremony.

The Indian wedding theme varies on different aspects such as summer wedding theme, monsoon wedding theme, and winter wedding theme. However, various wedding decor depends on the wedding theme you choose for yourself. From classy to simple, from elegant to royal, and from natural to wild, you can browse various themes for your special day.

Today, we have come up with a few notable tips, tricks, and decor ideas to plan your wedding your way. Therefore, you can add some fun, quirky, vibrant, trendy, and real wedding ideas to make it unique with exciting touch and feel.

Color Coordinated Wedding Theme
The color-coordinated wedding theme has become very popular and trendy among Indian wedding decor. Suppose you want to keep your wedding event dreamy, misty, and magical, then what could be a better idea than a thoughtful and color-coordinated wedding decor. You choose colors like red and golden to make your wedding decor royal and majestic. The backdrop of your wedding decor is a steal of the entire wedding day. This theme goes perfectly for any wedding season, irrespective of summer, monsoon, and winter.

Adding Pop-Up Vibrant Colors
Indian weddings are incomplete without the use of vibrant pop-up colors. Whether it’s a wedding outfit or a wedding decor, colour palettes are perfect for a winter wedding theme. Using pop-up colours always adds an extra party-ready vibe for spreading love, merriment, happiness, and delight among the onlookers. Therefore, you can choose colorful draping to make your wedding Decor Surrey, as vibrant as possible.

Winter Wedding with Diyas and Candles
Most Indians choose the summer season for several reasons. These reasons involve a warm climate, royal fabrics, vibrant decor, and an outdoor wedding destination. However, the winter wedding theme can be deck-up with warm candles and diyas to make it dreamy yet straightforward.

Bollywood Style Wedding Decor
If you or your partner is filmy to the core, you can eventually add a Bollywood based theme for your wedding decor. The showbiz glitz and glam can enhance your wedding decor by adding Bollywood star pictures as a backdrop prop. You can make a cardboard cut-out of your favorite Bollywood stars to give it a fun-filled creative wedding decor. You can also give the food names inspired by your chosen Bollywood movie character.

Royal Wedding Decor
To create a royal wedding decor vancouver, the first and foremost is to find a royal venue. Based on our experience, Hotel Georgia and Fairmont Hotel Vancouver are on the top list. The Bride and Groom entrance can be traditional with Shehnai or Nagada players.The wedding isn’t finish without good food. Make sure the caterer follows the royal wedding theme. For eg. Instead of bottle water they can offer surai.

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