Different Types of Themes According to the Event You Wish to Plan

There are many different theme ideas for your event décor; however, you will find that they are all designed for different audiences and situations. The type of theme for your party or gathering will depend on how formal you want to go and what type of mood you are trying to create, so the better you know how to set up your party, you will choose a theme that will suit you well.

Here are some of the different themes according to the event-type you’re willing to plan:

Masquerade Theme

Its a theatrical theme. The major elements in masquerade theme includes drapes, feathers, lanterns and the prop which is the mask which is very commonly used by all the invitees.


Hawaiian Theme

Hawaiian theme party is usually accompanied by entertainment. Where friends and family have food and drinks together. Decorated withTiki bar huts and inflated palm trees. This theme is usually done in the outdoors with solid and bright colours clothes are normally worn to match the theme.

Hollywood Gala Night

When we think about Hollywood theme party, we all think of Red Carpet, Oscar, Paparazzi with bright lights. Red and Black colour are used fro most of the hollywood themes. The theme can not finish off without a photo booth area.


Gatsby Theme

Metallic gold curtains with stack leather books and vintage bottle on the tables. DIY Hand band moustaches, Bow tie & Lips embellished on cards and glue it on a stick. You can also use feathers , martini glasses , candles to finish the theme.

Baby Shower Themes

You may intend to consider using a theme based on that theme for those who are planning a baby shower or a shower for someone you love. You may have heard of parties where only women attend, but it does not have to be this way as you can include men and even some children at such type of event décor. You may also want to consider the guests' age range, or maybe you want to add something to your party so it will appeal to a more diverse crowd. As you can see, you have many different theme ideas for your event décor. You will need to consider and weigh them against each other to decide on the right theme for your party. You should also try to determine if the theme is going to suit everyone at your party. It will help your guests feel at ease and enjoy their time at the event.


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