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Getting married is one of the biggest decisions of life and you must want to make your wedding day a memorable one. It needs a lot of planning including choosing a location in Chilliwack, setting the budget, creating a guest list, opting for the caterers and the list goes on. You must be worried about the decor as well, what should be the theme of marriage, which colors go well with the style, what combination of flowers will add elegance to the wedding, and how can you create a romantic ambiance. VMD decor can provide plenty of ideas depending on your taste and personal preference. Here are a few points to keep in mind while planning wedding decor:

Theme and style for wedding: First of all, it is essential to decide the theme of the wedding, it will help to sort the overall vision. Your wedding decor depends on the fact whether you prefer a traditional, classic, rustic, vintage, or modern style wedding. For example, if you prefer a vintage wedding, adding antique pieces, gramophones, or vintage frames as table centerpieces is an excellent idea. Here are some more ideas for theme-based weddings.

Travel-Themed Wedding: If you are a globetrotter and want to give a personal touch to your wedding, the globe at your reception table can be added which gives the ideas of your travel destination after marriage. VMD decor suggests adding postcards to your table settings and using a vintage suitcase as a decor element. Passport-style wedding cards will add elegance to your invitation.

Movie-Themed wedding: If you are a movie buff, consider adding film reels or cinema-style signage that will reflect your style. You can share your love story in movie style by creating customized movie posters having your name and special occasion date engraved on them.

Rustic-Themed Wedding: If you want a rustic wedding, vintage lanterns with candlelight or rustic lanterns as centerpieces can be considered. Wooden boxes with flowers, the natural beauty of wildflowers, and the greenery of Chilliwack will add a rustic touch.

You can go beyond your imagination by mixing different styles and themes. Wedding day is the most joyous day for anyone and embrace it with different decor ideas to add charm to your wedding.

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