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Getting married is a very crucial and big decision in life. You must feel lucky if you have already found your better half and are planning to tie the knot. Wedding decor will set the ambiance of your wedding and can create a lifelong memory of your special day. VMD Decor can assist you with the planning and designing of the decor. We collaborate closely with you to comprehend your goals and develop a comprehensive design strategy. Vernon, a city in British Columbia's Okanagan region, provides a lovely setting for wedding ceremonies. The following are some wedding suggestions:

Entrance Decor: The decor at the entryway establishes the mood and makes a lasting first impression for your wedding. To create a warm and romantic environment, we can use draped draperies, fresh flowers, and greenery. The floral colors should match your wedding's overall theme. If your location has impressive entrances or gates, decor items to highlight their attractiveness can be added. Decorating the doors with hanging lanterns, cloth drapes, or floral garlands will create a lively atmosphere.

Pathway Decor: To treat your guests like VIPs, we can lay out a red carpet at the entrance. It gives the wedding entrance a hint of glitz and class. We can put flower petals along the route leading to the reception stage. It gives your guests a promenade that is visually pleasing and adds a hint of romance.

Reception Stage Decor: The reception stage, where the bride and groom will be seated and where significant events and speeches will occur, will serve as the centerpiece of your wedding reception. VMD decor suggests using fabric drapes of subtle colors to give an elegant look. Additionally, we can include individualized details like embroidered initials or a statement that has a special meaning for you. To create a romantic and intimate setting, think about integrating soft, warm lighting like string lights, fairy lights, or uplighting. The reception stage can be accompanied by lovely floral arrangements. To make a lush and beautiful arrangement, a combination of fresh flowers, foliage, and flowing vines can be added.

VMD Decor will handle everything from floral arrangements to lighting decor, from furniture decor to drapery. You can contact us at the details provided to get in touch further and to understand your vision and produce an organized design strategy.

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