Top 5 Wedding Trends 2023

If you plan or organize a wedding, you must follow some popular wedding decor trends in 2023. Various wedding decor Vancouver specialists specialize in handling personalized wedding themes, styles, patterns, and designs to follow the couple's checklist. From the backdrop to lights, from the centerpiece to ceilings, from chairs to tables, and from linen to arch, everything can be customized according to your style, taste, and preference. From conventional to modern themes, you can choose any popular wedding trend that is trending in 2020. Since the pandemic has begun, there have been many changes seen in this year's wedding. Presently, people are keener to create a hyper-personalized affair that will include only the close and intimate ones in a small gathering. However, the pandemic cannot stop one's excitement for planning or organizing a wedding. Since the wedding is taking place amidst the pandemic situation, there have been several popular wedding trends following in 2020. With Novel Coronavirus flaming high, people have new changes, new experiences, new elements, and new wedding trends to cope with this wedding season. Now, let’s look at the top 5 wedding trends 2020

Micro-Wedding ( wedding decor Vancouver )
The pandemic situation has brought new changes and new trends followed by social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks. Well, these three features have become an essential trending element in 2020. Therefore, people have now come up with the new concept of micro-wedding and had dropped the idea of 'Big Fat Wedding' in the western world. The concept of micro-wedding involves intimate gatherings that include 50 people with a lower chance of risk and health threats.

Wedding Ring
Wedding ceremonies are no longer a formal affair between two people. The new trend has brought two people closer and made it a personal affair, giving the liberty to show each other's preference. Therefore, the new trends show that the couple can choose their wedding ring together, respecting each other choices and preferences. A wedding or engagement ring symbolizes love and affection; therefore, both the couple's taste matters.

Flowers with Pop-Up Colors
Basic or pastel flowers are out of trend now. Brides are blooming up with bright and vibrant colors to enhance their sheer white wedding outfit. This has become an extravagant pop that is positively trending in 2020. A mixture of pink, purple, yellow, blue, and white tone flower can match your wedding dress breathtaking.

Veils with Meaningful Quotes or Notes
Wedding veils are one of the essential elements of a wedding outfit. However, the twenty-twenty wedding trend has come up with the new concept of adding meaningful quotes or notes on your wedding veils to break the stereotype. Therefore, you can add quotes like 'Till Death Do Us Apart,' 'Forever Yours,' and 'Truly Forever' on your personalized veil.

A new trend that has emerged this year is a storytelling concept. Storytelling is a new way of expressing or sharing each other's love story or special moments on a black-based board. This will also engage your guest throughout the wedding by going through your pre-wedding story.

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