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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. VMD Decor can help you plan your wedding decor in Whistler and make your special day a lifelong memory. We suggest innovative ideas as per your choice or style and plan the decor accordingly. We can assist you in choosing the ideal flowers, lighting, draping or other decor elements to complement your chosen color scheme and wedding theme.

Indoor Wedding: There are endless ways to create a stunning and unforgettable atmosphere for indoor wedding decorations. Here are some tips for indoor wedding:

Aisle or Pathway Decor: We can consider decorating the aisle if your indoor venue has one with flower petals, lanterns, or candles put along the sides. A beautiful route can also be made using cloth drapes, aisle runners, or floral arrangements. We can add white rose flowers bouquets with ribbons attached to it along the aisle.

Ceiling Decor: We can utilize the ceiling area by including ornamental accents like floral installations dangling from the ceiling, suspended lamps, or cascading drapes. These can enhance the aesthetic appeal and produce an alluring ambiance. Beautiful chandelier light can be hung from the center to create an elegant look.

Stage Decor: To make the space more beautiful, we can use floral arrangements, elaborate backdrops, and opulent furniture. Adding touches on the stage that reflect your style and shared history as a couple will give a romantic vibe. For a unified and personalized look, think about combining your monogram, initials, or wedding logo into numerous decor components.

Reception Hall Decor: Pay attention to the table settings because they determine the mood of the reception as a whole. We can think of utilizing gorgeous tablecloths and can include floral arrangements, candle holders, or other decorative components in your centerpiece arrangements that correspond to your wedding's theme.

VMD Decor can offer direction and support in realizing your vision and with knowledge of decor can significantly improve things.

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