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Weddings are special occasions that create lifetime memories. Congratulations if you have decided to tie the knot with your loved one. A wedding is a joyous occasion but it needs a lot of planning. You need to set the budget, prepare your guestlist, hire the vendors, choose the wedding attire, plan the ceremony, and many more. Most importantly, you need to decide the style and theme for your wedding decor. Planning a wedding in Mission, Canada is an opportunity to incorporate the beauty of this city into your wedding. Here are some tips for wedding decor:

Define wedding theme: The foremost thing for wedding decor is to decide the wedding theme and style. It should reflect your style and taste. Themes can be traditional, modern, vintage, or romantic. Once the style of the wedding is decided, you can plan for the wedding essentials and decor.

Wedding Essentials: You should focus on key areas you want to highlight as per your wedding theme. For example, you can create a natural and inviting entrance using the pots or can have a lighting pathway to reception, or can have a wishing tree near the reception stage. The reception stage should be the focal point which will set the overall atmosphere of the wedding

Ceiling and draping decor: Consider adding a chandelier to the reception ceiling and colorful draping to transform the space. You should select the color palette that compliments the wedding theme and reflect your style

Flower decoration: Flower decoration plays a crucial role in wedding decor for adding beauty and fragrance. Choose flowers in vibrant colors to match the theme. Consider creating a flower wall and backdrop using a combination of different flowers. It can serve as a photograph background for the couple and guests

Small Detailing: Small detailing can create a huge impact. Like chair decoration, draping the fabrics around the pillars, the centerpiece for tables, and favors for the guest. These details will add charm to the wedding.

While planning a wedding, consider the overall style of your wedding. Embrace your wedding with creative ideas to have a lifetime memory. Most importantly, enjoy the process of wedding planning and create an amazing celebration that embraces the essence of Mission, Canada.

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