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Alluring wedding decoration ideas to take it a notch-above


Weddings are special moments, and the decoration is the crucial aspect that sets the mood, merriment factor, fun, and theme of the event. The wedding decor Vancouver professionals are experts in handling every minute detail of the occasion, from the stage setup to its decor, lightings, to floral installations and arrangements. The pre-wedding customs are always unique and full of fun and enjoyment. If your venue is not too big, then also there are ways to do the wedding decor in a way that will leave everyone in awe. Are you curious to know a few of them? Well, here they follow.

  1. Maximize small nooks and corners – It is one of the easiest ways to create a powerful and outstanding impact by considering each nook and corner of the space you have. Use the maximum of every corner, decorate creatively every bit of it, and see the difference.
  2. Vintage essence – Feel free to play around the space using antique seating arrangements, blending it with macrame or fresh and lively flowers.
  3. Innovative and straightforward adornments – Many couples are going after them these days, and it leaves everyone feel amazed.
  4. Lush green arcs – It is another fantastic way of beautifying the entrance of the venue. It looks fabulous and magical. You can even think of enhancing the beauty using seasonal flowers.

As the world was under a pandemic, the weddings and the decorations also took a sharp turn. Now scenarios have changed from crazing gatherings to big fat weddings to unlimited dishes, and people prefer intimate weddings. For many, it is all about the presence of intimate ones around at-home functions. The downsizing of the people also impacted the menu, listing a few dishes that would be loved. And, with the same, the tradition of sit-down dinners and meals is in great demand. It is always preferable to keep the venue, decoration classic, and amidst natural surroundings if possible.

The stageless weddings are also gaining immense popularity and becoming a fun and exciting place to be. Over the years, trends have changed, and people are opting for something innovative and personalized. Want to feel inspired by some of these? Feel free to read a few of them below.

  1. The botanical beauty – The botanical elements in the backdrop make the event look spectacular. It is refreshing and becomes memorable not only for the couple but also for the guests.
  2. The gorgeous flowers and tepee – Teepee set up is trending and has been in-rage over the last few years. Everyone loves this A cube and the stunning floral arrangements complementing it beautifully. It can make the place head-turner for everyone.
  3. Simple and sweet – If it is an intimate setup, then going for something sweet makes the memories for a lifetime.
  4. Whimsical florals – Dry florals make the space appear beautiful and rustic when used with fresh ones. The simple floral strings can add on the charm and magic and looks incredible in pictures.

Undoubtedly, decoration tips can turn even the smaller spaces into something that will make it top-notch. It is advisable to seek suggestions from expert wedding decor in Vancouver who can help in beautifying to a large extent and make the event rememberable.

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